Crypto Power Trio: Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s XLM, and Forge Alliance’s IOTA, Ready to Disrupt Billion Dollar Crypto Market with Potential SWIFT Integration

  • The top three crypto payment-oriented protocols, Ripple, Stellar, and IOTA, have formed an alliance.
  • With the partnership and potential SWIFT integration, brighter days lie ahead for payments via blockchain.

The crypto sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with various digital currencies vying for dominance. Ripple XRP, Stellar XLM and IOTA have emerged as key players, each with a unique value proposition.

These three blockchain projects have joined forces to form an alliance that has the potential to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar crypto market. With possible integration with SWIFT, a global financial messaging network, this alliance could pave the way for widespread adoption and drive significant disruption.

Their involvement in ISO 20022, an internationally recognized standard for electronic data exchange between financial institutions, further strengthens their appeal. ISO 20022 compliance is highly valued in the financial industry as it provides smooth and consistent communication across various financial systems.

While Stellar and IOTA fought for ISO 20022, Ripple has been a member of the organization since 2020. As previously previously reported ripple, Stellar, and IOTA’s participation in ISO 20022 opens the door for integration with SWIFT, the world’s most commonly used global financial messaging network.

SWIFT facilitates secure communication and settlement of transactions between thousands of banks around the world. Integration with SWIFT will allow these blockchain initiatives to benefit from the network’s extensive reach and infrastructure, enabling frictionless cross-border transactions and increasing their user base.

The Power of the Power Trio: Ripple, Stellar and IOTA

Ripple has established itself as a leading provider of blockchain solutions to financial institutions around the world. XRP, its native cryptocurrency, aims to simplify cross-border payments, enabling fast and cheap transactions. Ripple’s collaboration with major banks and financial institutions has given it legitimacy and confidence within the traditional financial sector.

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Similarly, Stellar, an open-source platform, aims to promote fast cross-border transactions and bridge the gap between existing financial systems and blockchain technology. Stellar’s native currency, XLM, is crucial in supporting cheap and fast transactions, making it an attractive option for consumers and institutions seeking seamless cross-border transfers.

On the other hand, IOTA deviates from the typical blockchain architecture by adopting a proprietary technology known as Tangle. IOTA, which was created specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT), enables secure and convenient microtransactions between computers and devices. This makes IOTA a promising solution for enabling a machine-to-machine economy, where devices can transact and share data autonomously.

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Overall, the integration of the power trio with SWIFT can significantly reduce transaction costs associated with international payments. The elimination of middlemen and the use of digital currencies will result in lower fees, benefiting individuals sending remittances and businesses conducting cross-border transactions.

SWIFT integration could enable near-instantaneous cross-border transactions, eliminating the current delays caused by intermediaries and complicated settlement processes. This will greatly benefit individuals, businesses and financial institutions, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

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