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Thousands of American pedestrians are killed or get severe injuries in traffic accidents every year.

We average 1.6 Americans killed in traffic accidents every single day. In addition, around 130,000 are treated in emergency departments every year around the country. Tampa Bay ranks second in the country in pedestrian fatalities.

Tampa Pedestrian Accident Attorneys are useful when you are hit like this guy by auto vehicle

Most traffic accidents are not really accidents at all. They happen because a person driving a vehicle violated a safety rule.  Tampa pedestrian accident claims happen when a driver violates a safety rule and hurts a pedestrian as a result. The driver has taken the pedestrian’s health, happiness, or sometimes even life.

A Tampa pedestrian accident lawyers’ job is to get money to try to account for what has been taken by another for violating safety rules. Pedestrian accidents are a type of claim that Tampa car accident lawyers handle.

The impact of a traffic accident on victims can be catastrophic. Tampa pedestrian accidents can also have a heavy impact on the victim’s loved ones.

Read on to learn what to do & how a Tampa pedestrian accident lawyer can help in road traffic accident cases.

The success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case, therefore, we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients.

Hit By A Vehicle? What To Do Before Calling A Tampa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in a Tampa pedestrian accident, you will want a pedestrian accident lawyer. A qualified pedestrian accident lawyer will know what needs to be done for you to be compensated. They can also do much of the work involved for you.

Before contacting injury attorneys, though, there are some other things that take priority.

Get Medical Attention:

In most pedestrian accident cases, your personal health & safety is the biggest priority of all. Make sure that you get medical treatment as soon as possible. Bear in mind that even apparently minor injuries could turn out to be something serious. This is especially the case with head injuries. Make no delay in getting to an emergency room.

When in Tampa, your medical bills for an accident should be covered by your Florida PIP insurance. The driver of the vehicle that caused the accident should also have PIP insurance. This will also help to cover the medical bill for your treatment.

Gather Evidence:

When your case goes to court you will need to have as much information on the accident as possible. This is necessary so the court can determine what went wrong and who is liable for what. This means that in the event of an accident, you should get any evidence regarding the evidence you can.

  • Take Pictures: Photographic evidence can go a very long way toward getting a suitable settlement for you. Even if you only have a camera phone available, take whatever pictures you can. Make sure you get pictures of the vehicle involved and the surrounding area. What might even appear to be a useless image to you can be a treasure trove of information to a pedestrian accident lawyer. The right picture can make sure that you get the settlement you deserve.
  • Driver’s Name: Get as much information on the driver as you can. The police and your pedestrian accident attorneys need to know who to speak with about the incident. Get as many details as you can including contact details to help make things go smoothly. Uncooperative driver? No problem. The driver is required to give you insurance information. The police will help.
  • Insurance Information: Our attorneys will need to communicate a great deal with the driver’s insurance company. Get what insurance information you can from the driver as it will be very useful later on. Again, if the driver is not being cooperative, just get as much information from them as you can. Every little bit can make a huge difference.

In the case of a hit and run, take whatever information you possibly can. The exact location of the incident is very important. If you are in a built-up area there is a reasonable chance that surveillance caught the incident. This and any other information can be instrumental in finding the culprit. With the culprit found, the process of reaching a settlement can then begin.

Guy texting and his a pedestrian with his car

How Legal Representation Helps After A Pedestrian Accident

Any accident is likely to be a very traumatic ordeal for the victim and their loved ones. Pedestrian accidents are no exception. An accident attorney will help you through the process of pursuing a settlement. A settlement is intended to financially reimburse you for what you have lost because of the accident.

  • Economic settlements: Economic settlements are intended to reimburse you for what the accident has caused you to lose financially in both short term & long term. This will include things like the income you will lose if you are unable to work after the accident (lost wages). Other bills you are faced with are also considered in an economic settlement. The aim is that you should not lose out financially because of somebody else’s actions. These settlements are generally intended to pay third parties so the victim doesn’t have to.
  • Non-Economic settlements: Non-Economic settlements are intended to help compensate the victim for non-financial losses, like pain and suffering. Injuries caused in the accident could cause the victim to lose mobility, for example. They may not be able to enjoy sports as they used to, go shopping alone or even play with their kids. This can cause a serious negative impact on the victim’s quality of life and overall happiness. Pedestrian accidents can also result in considerable physical pain and discomfort for the victim. This pain can be experienced in the short term and in the long term. Non-economic settlements will also consider the pain caused to the victim because of the accident. The emotional distress caused by the accident will also be considered.
  • Medical bills: Medical bills can be astronomically expensive. They can bankrupt you. An accident attorney will help ensure that you are compensated financially for medical bills. This means that you won’t have to worry about paying them yourself. An attorney could quite literally ensure you and your loved ones are financially secure after an accident. Let the accident attorney and they can do all the work for you.
  • Professional and Compassionate Guidance: Settlement cases can be quite complex. A strong understanding of the law is necessary to get the right result. A Tampa pedestrian traffic accident attorney will guide you through the process and make sure everything is followed correctly. Our attorneys will hold your hand through the process, doing as much of the work for you as possible. A good attorney will help to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.
  • Pursuing the settlement: Our attorneys pursue a settlement from the beginning to get you justice. Our attorneys file lawsuits when the insurance company acts unfairly. From start to finish they will cover all bases to make sure that everything is in place for a successful outcome. They will ensure that all available evidence is gathered. They will use the evidence to build a case that delivers the right result. Our attorneys will work hard from the offset and will continue to do so until the case is finalized.

Our attorneys work in the following practice areas:

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